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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 8, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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search and rescue. the coast guard is desperately looking for two missing people after their tour boat was hit by a barge. plus, the person of interest in the abduction of a 4-year-old girl shoots himself just as police knock on his door. we have the late breaking details. also, could sarah palin become the new chair of the republican party? some conservatives want her to take michael steele's job. it's a disturbing new trend. teens biting each other in the neck, just like vampires. good thursday morning, i'm chris jansing. live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. and developing right now, officials say they've stopped an al qaeda bombing plot. three alleged terrorists have been arrested in norway today accused of planning attacks using powerful homemade explosives. officials believe this plot is a
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lot like plans in europe and the u.s., including last year's attack on the subway system. it's not clear if the suspects had selected their targets, but their were attempted to build those bombs. coast guard crews searched all night and still out on the delaware river right now looking for two hungarian tourists missing in a tragic crash. take a look at some of these pictures from yesterday's frantic rescue after a duck boat collide would the barge and sank, forcing most of the 37 passengers to jump into the river. 11 people were rushed to hospitals and now the ntsb is taking over the investigation. nbc stephanie gosk is in philadelphia and what is the latest there? >> good morning, chris. the ntsb is taking over the investigation. the coast guard is the lead organization in the search and they tell us this morning in a press conference that this is still a search and rescue operation. they worked through the nights
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on boats looking for these two unaccounted for passengers and today they're controlling the banks of the river also trying to find them. they did, yesterday, spot with the help of army corps of engineers, as well as the local police, the sonar to find the boat. they know where the boat is. it's at the bottom and they say it's upright but that they can't get to it because the water is too murky and that the tides are too strong. so, they don't know if there are two bodies inside of that. chris? >> do we know exactly what happened here? how these two boats rammed into each other with such force that this flipped over? >> well, the descriptions in the local papers which are quoting some of the passengers describe it as a kind of slow motion collision. essentially what happened was this duck boat is about 18 feet long and launched on to the water and soon after and remember yesterday there were soaring temperatures. a fire broke out in the engine and the boat stalled in the river and they sat there drifting. as they were drifting a 250-foot
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barge being pushed by a tug boat started approaching them. the passengers say they had about 45 seconds to react and just enough time to put life vests on their children. >> finally, you mentioned the two that are missing, but i understand two do remain hospitalized. what do we know about their conditions? >> well, what they told us this morning in the press conference is that one of them suffered a broken jaw. the other one experienced some kind of shock, they don't explain exactly what that was. but relatively minor injuries, if you consider the magnitude of this accident and what they survived. chris? >> unbelievable. stephanie gosk, thanks so much. of course, we'll keep you all updated on the latest on that search. in a shocking turn of events, a 4-year-old kidnap victim identified the man she said snatched her off of her front lawn and then he shot himself. that man is now dead. police say they were closing in on convicted sex offender paul smith, were in fact approaching
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his house when he killed himself. jeff rossen is following all the latest developments live in louisiana, missouri. what an incredible story here, jeff. >> yeah, just an amazingly bizarre twist, chris. a lot of people, in fact, i don't think you could find anybody who didn't want to find this man whoever did it, sooner rather than later. as you mentioned late yesterday they were moving in on this man they were calling a person of interest, a convicted sex offender about 50 miles from alisa maier's house. they were moving in and he pulled out a gun and shoots himself and he died of that self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. we confirmed it this morning. but police say this investigation isn't over yet, not by a long shot. in fact, they still think that there ruther people out there involved. as 4-year-old alisa maier reunited with her parents, scared but alive after a terrifying ordeal, police were on the trail of her kidnapper.
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late wednesday 50 miles from alisa's house they tracked their suspect to this farm and moved in. this is him, paul s. smith a sex offender convicted of sodomizing an 8-year-old boy in 1995. not far from where alisa was abducted this week. when officers arrived, they said smith was spraypainting this car, which matches the description of the car used to kidnap alisa. >> as the officers approached, this individual pulled out a gun and shot himself. there was no conversation. >> reporter: this is our first look at alisa since her abduction. now in seclusion with her parents. you can see the kidnapper cut her hair to look like a boy, a disguise aapparently meant to throw off police. the family tells nbc news when alisa saw smith's photo on television, she said that's the man who cut my hair, daddy. when her brother, blake, saw that picture he said that's the man that took alisa.
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for more than 24 hours no one knew if alisa was dead or alive until tuesday night when the suspect dropped her off at this car wash hours away from her home, unharmed. what do you make of the person who did this? >> i'm not sure. i kind of wonder if maybe he was going to keep her. he didn't, hopefully from what we heard, he hasn't harmed her and he cut her hair to disguise her. >> you think maybe he wanted to keep her. >> maybe he had a woman and they wanted a kid and they were going to keep her. >> reporter: alisa is slightly traumatized but overall doing well. a girl that relatives say can light up a room with her smile. >> she was happy to see her mother and father and she was sitting on her mom's lap and smiling. >> once again, to recap the breaking news. nbc news has confirmed the person of interest in this case has died of that gunshot wound. he killed himself as police were
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cornering him in that field in missouri. chris, by the way, police have just called a news conference for about an hour from now where we learn more about this bizarre, bizarre twist. >> we'll talk to you later, jeff, thank you. we know the oil is spreading farther in the gulf showing up in texas and lake pontchartrain on day 80 of the disaster. now, one parish president says it's because of the dispersepoints that they're using. kevin davis said chemicals cause tar balls to travel underwater and show up in places that were thought to be protected by barges and boom. after complaints, bp isn't hiring local fishermen to clean up the oil. now the company says it will hire more gulf boat owners. that's according to the pensacola journal. since the oil started spilling, bp has contracted with 8,500 boats. if everything lines up, bp could be a full month ahead of schedule drilling its relief
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wells. crews could cap those wells by july 27th. the original date was mid-august. an exclusive look aboard the ship sucking up most of the oil. kerry sanders is aboard. >> we joined retired admiral thad allen and bob dudley on their first visit since the disaster began. in the still floating industrial city this vesel is the one strategically floating over the gusher one mile down. they're having limited success in this disaster. it's right down there. this is the pipe onboard the "discover enterprise" to make it down to the containment cap and they're capturing 15,000 barrels of oil per day. >> reporter: burning off gas as well as oil, the q-4000 soft hoeszs run from that ship down to the leak.
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soon, the helix producer should capture upwards of 25,000 barrels. >> that's the third vessel that will come online under the current containment scheme that will bring us to 53,000 barrels a day capacity. >> that leaves an estimated 7,000 barrels a day still leaking in the gulf. >> how do you regain the confidence of americans who have seen this? >> it's going to be tough. it's going to be tough. >> that was nbc kerry sanders reporting, once again, from the gulf. federal corruption charges cost rod blagojevich his political career, but the fallout may not stop there. the white house is working to stay above the fray, although several top staffers, not to nengz the president himself, have been named in this trial. let's bring in politico's jonathan allen. >> good to see you, chris. >> all mentioned at this trial, is the white house worried? >> the white house isn't saying anything right now and i think that's a strategy of sort of
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duck and cover on this hoping not to talk about it and hoping not to fuel the flames of any connection between what's going on in washington and chicago and, obviously, the president campaigned pretty heavily on cleaning up the old politics and what the trial reminds people of is that he comes from a city where there's a long history of corruption and even the folks who are anti-corruption have relationships with the folks who are sometimes on the wrong side of the law or at least in this case governor blagojevich, accused of being on the wrong side of the law. >> obviously, the president has been dealing with this for a couple years. back in 2008 president obama's transition team discovered a report with the contact he had with blagojevich. have any of those details been contradicted? >> you said they described all the contacts or exactly described the contacts that the transition team had with blagojevich officials, but they oomitted one very big one, according to testimony by chicago labor official.
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president barack obama spoke to local number one, a huge union in chicago and tapped him to go talk to blagojevich about the senate seat. so, the white house's timeline, while maybe accurate in what it had put out, according to the testimony, it actually omitted the president's role, which i think a lot of people think is the headline relationship or contact that would have been had. >> finally, let me ask you about congressman jesse jackson jr. because he was publicly linked to allegations of a million dollar pay to play scheme and he denied any wrongdoing. could this be political trouble for him? >> absolutely it could be political trouble. his career has hung in the balance and his political reputation has hung in the balance and safe in chicago second district and his reputation and his future political plans have hung in the balance since that accusation first came to light when blagojevich was first arrested and an initial court document produced by prosecutors that said blagojevich believed he
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could get $1 million in campaign contributions from jackson supporters. what we now heard is one official, a trade official not testifying in front of the jury, but a prosecutor says that he can say that jackson was present for a meeting where that million dollar contribution was discussed. the jackson camp has been publicly quiet on this, but maintains that he's done nothing wrong and, of course, he hasn't been charged with anything by prosecutors, nor have the other gentlemen who were allegedly involved in this million dollar scam. >> jonathan, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you, chris. flooding is now forcing tens of thousands of residents to evacuate from southwest texas and all along the u.s./mexico border. in mexico, 18,000 people grabbed what they could and fled for their lives. they're still concerned water could come over a dam there. the water is up to stop signs in some parts of lorado, texas, where the rio granderiver rose dramatically.
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schools there closed, shelters opened and there's more rain in the forecast. the weather channel's paul goodloe, is in south padre island with more on the concerns over the rain. >> let me set the scene here. south padre island texas and you can see the surf behind me, not too bad. and several people just milling about early in the morning here on this thursday and that's because tropical depression number two is still out here in the gulf of mexico. it has a chance to potentially get into a tropical storm, but the wind, that's not a big issue. the big issue is the rain. we had waves coming on through here and that is a concern because hurricane alex across the same area that dumped in some areas over eight inches of rain. flood waters are still a huge concern across this area. we have workers already trying to take some of the trash cans and put it up in the dunes. if you look at the dunes, this is seaweed that was blown here and kind of washed up last week with hurricane alex. so, they've come through with front loaders like that one and
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kind of scraped the beach off to take care of some of the seaweed that washed up last week because, basically, this is a big tourist season. a lot of problems along the gulf coast and here in south padre, nothing in terms of oil to be concerned about, so vacationers here are enjoying. they have to clear the beaches out for that. that was blown in last week and they could see more of this with the surf from tropical depression number two but, again, the surf and the sea it's a minor inconvenience with this system. the bigger concern will be the potential for another three to maybe even six inches of rain coming into this area and that would do nothing but exaggerate the flood concerns across this area here in south texas. chris, back to you. >> paul, thank you. it could be the biggest spy swap since the cold war, will the u.s. send ten suspected russian spies back to moscow in exchange for our suspected spies? we could know in just a couple of hours. plus, lindsay lohan is complaining about human rights. even mentioning u.n. documents
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the u.s. and russia may be close to an old-fashioned spy swap. u.s. officials have confirmed nat a deal is in the works that would send ten suspected russian agents, including tabloid favorite anna chapman back home. nbc news correspondent, justice correspondent pete williams joins us now for the latest. what do we know about this potential deal? >> well, we know that it could be resolved by this afternoon, or at least a very important first step when all ten defendants who have been brought together to new york for a single court hearing will be in federal court just before 3:00 this afternoon. under the normal federal rules
10:19 am
an appearance like this happens with an invitation for the defendants to enter a plea. so, this would be their first chance if they decide to plead guilty to do so. now, they could always plead not guilty now and plead guilty later, but if they're going to plead guilty, this would be their first chance to do so. if they did that, that would clear the way for the spy swapped. a number of complications, chris. the lawyers for at least a couple of them say they don't want to go to rusha and want to be part of this spy swap, so it's not clear whether they'll plead and, secondly, if they do what becomes of the children of a couple of these folks who came here, got married, had children, that's a question that would have to be resolved. those are all complications that had been the subject of very energetic discussions here for the past couple of days. >> more than a few suggestions and a number of them don't want to go back. we shall see what happens. pete, thank you. >> it may not be their choice. if they plead guilty, then the government may simply say, we don't want you here, we're going
10:20 am
to deport you and it's not like they'd have a choice. >> exactly. thank you, pete. >> okay. are u.s./israeli erelations back on track. three u.s. senators say they are and, of course, that meeting between president obama and prime minister netanyahu, yet the issues of israeli settlements and the possibility of a palestinian state and security issues and, of course, the big elephant in the room, iran, all remain unresolved. israel's ambassador to the u.s. joins me. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> the last meeting between netanyahu and obama and some suggestions after this one that things are on the mend. is that the way you see it. >> i was in the last meeting and in the meeting this week, as well. it was greatly exaggerated. having said that, we have communicated very, very closely over the intervening months and we are very much on the same page now on how to move from
10:21 am
proximity talks to direct talks and we hope to be doing that very shortly. we have a very wide agreement on how to handle the iranian situation that you mentioned earlier, chris, as well as other regional security issues and we are assured of the unshakable bonds and friendship of the united states as president obama, himself, told the prime minister earlier this week. >> yet, differences definitely remain. israel's construction on the west bank and jerusalem is a main point of contention between barack obama and israel, right? what about that? >> the issue of israeli settlements in these areas was always supposed to be a final status issue along with the status of jerusalem, the palestinian refugees, border security and the prime minister made the extraordinary gesture of freezing construction in these communities for a period of ten month to induce the palestinians to get into direct talks. we hope the palestinians will join direct talks and discuss the future of the settlements. >> i saw the article in the
10:22 am
newspaper that reports israel wants to block a deal between the u.s. and saudi arabia under which the saudis would buy scores of f-15 fighter jets. is that an accurate report? >> we are always concerned about any arm sales to the middle east. we are in close discussion about the ramifications of these deals. >> where does that stand right now just in the middle of talks trying to convince the united states not to do that. >> we have concerns a lot of arms going to countries in the middle east may not always be as stable is always a concern for us. >> you mention that you think there is some sort of agreement on what to do about iran but is there and what happens as it gets closer? >> right now we're focused on the sanctions and president obama made historic progress in signing into law american legislation and imposing very stiff sanctions on the iranian regime and america has supported the u.n. security council resolution in which now nishiates a series of international sanctions and
10:23 am
we're confident that if they have a strong energy component and deny refined petroleum to the iranians they can have a chance of modifying iranian behavior. if not, again, we're in close consultation and the israeli government is that all options remain on the table. >> ambassador, thank you for coming in. feeling the heat again. another day of extreme temperatures in the northeast. is it pushing the power grid to the brink? we're back in three. could switching to geico really save you
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lindsay lohan has been tweeting again. a day after she got jailtime lindsay lohan tweeted about her harsh, judicial experience by quoting, believe it or not, the u.n. declaration of human rights. "no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." she also said a profane message on her middle finger was just a
10:27 am
joke. lohan is scheduled to surrender for her jail term on july 20th. who knew she was a constitutional expert. these are live pictures from andrews air force base president obama heading west. the president will be talking jobs in missouri this afternoon while stumping for senate hopeful robert carnahan and then on to nevada, the state with the nation's highest unemployment rate. well, despite all the government's efforts, president obama is the first to acknowledge the economy needs a faster recovery. what concrete steps should and can be taken? let's bring in twane davis. >> thanks, good to be here. >> consumer confidence is down and polls show most americans think our country is heading in the wrong direction and you say that president obama is playing shortst shortstop, not team captain. what do you mean by that? >> the president has to come in and lead the conversation about the economy. if you go back to fdr, the first
10:28 am
100 days of his presidency define the new deal. the first term of his presidency we got the fdc and fdic and the social security administration and this president needs to come up with radical new ideas to address the challenges in this economy. >> you know, there are two aspects of this, really, one is the economic policy. >> sure. >> the things that he has been doing with the stimulus package and so on. the other thing is that consumer confidence because if people are afraid they're not going to spend money and businesses will not be able to hire and on and on and on. we all know what the domino effect of that is. how much of this recovery is about what the president presents and the confidence he gives the american people and how much of it is about economic policy? >> it is a mixture of oboth. the president has to come up with job creation. he has to expand government programs in a way that he hasn't done to date. to date he has taken short-term approaches to solving problems. >> sounds like big government. what people are backing away from, even people from both sides of the aisle concerned
10:29 am
about the deficit. >> well, he should focus on small businesses and say, listen, we'll give you a tax break. we'll give you short-term relief in your debt and we're going to extend short-term credit to small and mid-size businesses, which is our conversations that he has not yet had today. these are absolute things that he could do immediately that would have short term and long-term effects on the economy. what the president has done is taken short-term steps things like cash for clunkers or checks in your mail and these other short-term fixes are creating demand strikes. >> good to see you again, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. we just got this information in and mortgage rates fell to the lowest point in five decades, although some are questioning whether that will be enough to jump start the housing market. freddie mac the mortgage company said the average right now for a 30-year fixed loan is 4.57%. campaigning for senator
10:30 am
harry reid in nevada. will the president's coattails help or hurt the majority leader? plus, sarah palin was the leader of alaska and the former vice presidential nominee will her next role be heading the republican party? [ imitates tires screeching ] hey, when your ride looks good, you look good. check it out. armor all wipes. twin pack. just six bucks.
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we're back on this is thursday morning with some of the top stories we're following for you. three suspected al qaeda members under arrest in norway. they were accused of a plot of trying to blow up subways. coast guard rescuers still searching for two hungarian tourists missing after a sightseeing boat was hit by a barge and sunk in the delaware river yesterday. 35 other passengers are all accounted for, though a few are still in the hospital. and on day 80 of the gulf oil disaster, bp says if everything goes according to plan, they could cap that gushing oil well by the end of the month. nbcmara is live in venice, louisiana. this would, obviously, be ahead of schedule. >> yeah, this would be terrific
10:34 am
news. what they're saying is it could be done as early as july 22nd. this would put them a few weeks ahead of schedule. seems they have been making good time on drilling that relief well and they are looking at a good stretch of weather coming up, which would allow them to continue to make progress. now, i should note they are classifying it is unlikely that they would be done early and, officially, they're still sticking with that mid-august date. now, one thing to note july 27th has some special significance for bp. the day they're releasing their second quarter earnings and they would like nothing more than to be able to add good news to that earnings report. chris? >> again, this is if all goes according to plan, but bp is also talking about another backup plan. what can you tell us about that? >> they released information about a backup to this relief well, shall it not be successful so they can move on directly to the next thing. this would entail connecting this busted well to existing
10:35 am
pipelines that are already in the area, again, to try to divert that flow of oil. they are also continuing with their plans of containment. right now they're trying to connect a surface vessel to that well so they can keep as much oil as possible from getting into the water. that's something they're working on connecting right now. >> mara, thank you. >> it was so hot in washington nancy pelosi skipped the botox and had her face injected with frozen yogurt. that's how bad. >> from heat to high humidity in the northeast and continued stress for the nation's power grid. nbc news correspondent ron allen is live on wall street in new york city and you've been out for a few days now, feeling any better out there today, ron? >> it feels great by comparison, chris. it's about 79, 80 degrees out here and it just rand, if you can believe that, a half hour or so ago and really bringing the temperatures down. there is a cloud cover overhead and it's going to be a relatively nice day here. the highs are supposed to get
10:36 am
around 90 degrees. it will be much-needed relief especially for people who work outside. we have some pictures to show you from last night of firefighters from the suburb of new york city. about 150 of them responded to a four-alarm blaze in queens and they had to rotate in on shifts and as many as 17 of them required some sort of medical attention because of heat exhaustion or other problems because of the high temperatures last night and also down in south carolina we have some pictures from a jobs fair in greenville where there were thousands of people who lined up for some jobs at a bmw plant. at least one person passed out and we don't have pictures of that specifically, but, again, you can see people getting water from the employers that plant and others just trying to wait there, obviously, desperate for a job because unemployment is so high some waited as long as six hours. things here at least in new york high around 90, much better than a high of 100 that we have seen over the last few days. >> it's all relative. meteorologist bill karins is
10:37 am
checking on the hot weather forecast. little better today. how does it look as we head towards the weekend? >> ron was lucky and areas of manhattan were lucky. it was raining and people were doing the irish jig down the street. new york city and down the coast of maryland and delaware, that's the exception. a lot of sunshine just about everywhere else out there. as far as what we're dealing with. the current heat index feels like 93 in d.c. and yesterday the heat index peaked around 105 and today right around 100. the actual forecast, 95 in d.c. compare that to 100 yesterday. the humidity is up, too. also very hot in atlanta today and look at our friends out west that are waking up with. portland, oregon, 100. we don't want to forget the heat wave they're just starting. tropical depression number two just about to make landfall south of the texas/mexico border. a nonevent out there. just a lot of rain in areas of
10:38 am
southern texas. >> okay, bill, thank you. and president obama getting off of marine one. he's heading over to air force one and, of course, he's heading on a combined political and economic trip today. he is campaigner in chief heading to missouri and nevada to help push along some democrats who are in senate races in both states, but he will also be talking about jobs and the economy. missouri senate hopeful robert carnahan, by the way, can use the president's help and so can harry reid in his home state of nevada. luke russert has more with today's hill say and how important is this trip for the president and for the democratic party and their efforts to maintain control of the senate? >> well, chris, it's going to be a really interesting bur ing buo see how popular barack obama is among independent voters. sure, barack obama going to nevada and going to missouri he is going to excite the democratic base. those are folks that come out in mid-term elections and those are folks that actively watch the poms.
10:39 am
there is always a risk of him being there on the ground that could alienate economic voters. could associate mr. reid and ms. carnahan with the president. so, it's interesting to see these candidates are saying we'd rather have him come out here and turn out the democratic base. another interesting block, though, within this group of voters in each of these states, both missouri and nevada had a lot of first-time voters. young voters. african-american voters who have not really participated in politics until 2008 when they came out for president obama. both campaigns believe that him coming to these two states really help them get to these new types of voters. the dnc is spending $50 million to try and turn out these new types of voters. they're saying, look, obama being here and we'll turn out the base and turn out the new voters that came for him in 2008 and if you risk alienating independence, it's something we're fine to do because this
10:40 am
gives oschance to be victorious in november. >> luke, thank you. for the latest on the democrats, let's talk about what the republicans are up to. supporters of sarah palin say she is the face of the republican party and they want to make it official. in the wake of the latest political gaffe by michael steele a new push for the ex-governor toter take control the republican committee. are you behind this? are you the first one to mention this. sarah palin for michael steele's replacement. >> i think i may be the first. >> why? >> because he's a brilliant and charming guy, but just the wrong guy for the job. he keeps putting his foot in his mouth. and the party has a great asset and in the form of sarah palin who would be fantastic at that job. >> what is the most important thing that that person does? >> raise money. the first thing that person needs to do is recruit democrats to run. palin has proven herself to be
10:41 am
an awfully effective fund-raiser and given an international platform like that she would be a fund-raising machine. >> why would she do it, though? she has plenty on her plate right now and given money making speeches and she wants to be a queenmaker or kingmaker for and she has so much influence already and so much exposure, why would she do it? >> eventually she wants to run for president and, as great as facebook is and as great as twitter is, you don't run for president because you have a twitter account and you have a lot of followers. she needs to do more in orgizational politics to show that she can run campaigns and to get herself more deeply embedded to that aspect. it would be a great, great job for her, i think. >> who needs who more? does the republican party need her or does she need the republican party as, if you say, they have future aspirations? >> she could make an incredible run for president as an
10:42 am
independent if she ever wanted to. but i think, definitely, she's in the driver's seat more than they are. >> where do you think lebron is going? >> no comment. >> i caught him on that one. he is a constituency all across the country and he doesn't want to make anyone unhappy. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. >> you bet. have you ever seen anything like this with an athlete? lebron james who is going to make this big announcement just over ten hours from now. will he stay in cleveland go to miami or chicago? [ jet engine roaring ]
10:43 am
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chance of dying from a heart attack and a 49% chance higher chance of dying from stroke compared to people who had insurance. >> what's wrong with you girls? he's the best basketball player on the planet. >> lebron, please stay. >> i'll make it worth your while. >> who can turn down betty white. everyone is getting into the act from big city mayors. >> come on, lebron. write the next chapter in nyc basketball history. >> to kids who will endure pain. to anyone who is anyone in ohio. ♪ we really need you no bigger heart is going to love you half as much as we do ♪ >> guys, don't quit your day job. >> everyone wants lebron james
10:47 am
to play basketball for them. ♪ lebron james you need to stay in cleveland your city needs you ♪ just 1 1 hours or so lebron james nba free agent will reveal the location of his new kingdom. dave who writes "edge of sports" and darren rovel are both here to talk about the big business of lebron. full disclosure, born and raised in cleveland and the family has season tickets. if i may, i am just going to take, what is that? no, bulls, knicks. now, darren, why does everyone want him besides everybody loves a winner? >> what is that? >> why does everyone want lebron so much despite the fact he's a winner and the greatest basketball player on the planet. >> he turned cleveland into hollywood. i mean, the fact that he brought in 2002 their last season before him they had about 11,500 fans
10:48 am
per game showing up and now they have 20,000. it was the place to be. you know, then he's, obviously, an incredible basketball player and arguably the best in the nba, versus kobe bryant. as a fan he helps you win and you want to be there. >> dave, over the fourth of july holiday i was in cleveland and it's crazy there, but it's crazy here. it's crazy in los angeles. i mean, who has the inside edge? where is the betting money right now? >> well, the betting money right now among nba insiders is that he is going to join the miami heat and i think this would be a terrible move on behalf of lebron james because if we're talking about his brand and if we're talking about his value, by going to miami, he's actually diminishing that profoundly. >> totally disagree. >> i know, you're wrong, though, darren. miami is dwyane wade's town, first and foremost. so, what lebron james is saying, i can't be michael jordan and i
10:49 am
can't beat tim duncan and batman and drag a team like cleveland to becoming a dynasty. he is diminishing himself. >> let me tell you why you're wrong, it's not about china, it's about winning championship. lebron's brand is in china. if he doesn't win championships soon where nike is selling their most shoes and where future orders are up 15% versus in the united states, he's not trying to get car deals in miami, he's trying to get big money. >> i'm not talking about car deals, darren. i'm talking about real legacy going down with bird, magic, jordan as one of the all-time nba greats. you can't do that every night if he's not the alphadog on his team. >> sure, dwyane wade has the advantage having been there seven years -- >> and he won a championship in miami. it's dwyane wade's town. >> well, you know what, they said that when shaq came and
10:50 am
shaq shared it pretty well with him. >> but shaq was also past his prime. >> let me make an argument for you, let me make an argument for you. if he cares about china and a dynasty and making a difference, the city doesn't matter. so, it is about whatever players they're going to bring in to the mix and it is whatever coach is there. so, we're all going to acknowledge that where he thinks he can win, but if he wins in cleveland, a town, frankly, that a lot of people think have been cursed in sports and i lived through more problems and indians and browns than i care to remember, wouldn't that be just saying -- >> the legacy. absolutely. if you can get cleveland to a championship, you're number one. darren is making points but from a sports perspective, he doesn't have a leg to stand on o. no precedent in nba history of this kind of all-star team
10:51 am
gathering of players leading a team to a dynasty. nba dynasties are about players knowing their rolls and about having pecking orders. i think in miami you're looking at a disaster waiting to happen, not a dynasty. >> darren, dave, i have to end it here. this is easy for me because you guys can go on forever. let's get your redictions really quick. >> miami and it's a tragedy. >> i think miami and they win a championship in year two. >> i always liked this hat. i'm saying this not because i'm a cleveland fan, i really think that's where he's going to stay. wishful thinking, but that's my thought. thanks, guys. a lot of teens are obsessed with vampires these days, but are they taking this obsession a little bit too far?
10:52 am
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the boat that overturned in the delaware river and two people still missing. has suspended duck boat operations nationwide and a major draw across coastal cities all across the united states. they go in land and in the water and after this accident ride the ducks, the name of the company in georgia which operates in san francisco, branson, missouri has suspended all operations. vampire tv shows and twilight movies are inspiring a new trend in teens, but it's not a very appealing one. the movie series, of course, stars robert pattonsen and now some young people are apparently biting each other for real. we found this video on youtube showing just one example of the dangerous trend and health officials say it could lead to infection and disease. being a lawmaker in taiwan can also be dangerous to your health. this video was from yesterday when a fist fight erupted among pro and anti-government
10:56 am
lawmakers. they exchanged punches through trash cans, yelled at each other and it started when the house speaker rejected request by the opposition leader to request a trade deal with china. we're happy to report, there were no serious injuries. that is going to do it for me. i'm chris jansing. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. tamron hall picks things up now. much more at the top of the hour. waiting on a briefing from police in missouri regarding that little girl who was kidnapped earlier this week. the person of interest in the case turned a gun on himself. he is now dead. will they get answers? also, a modern-day pirate story. reports of machine gun welding pirates in the great state of texas? come on, there are cowboys in texas and now there's pirates. also, close call in the air. the faa is taking action after one control tower records almost two dozen potentially dangerous mistakes.
10:57 am
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